For more than 15 years, Space Coast Auto Auction has been conducting what some call the strongest little sale on the entire east coast. The exciting weekly event features the very best in automotive trades, and offers customers a comfortable home-like experience they will never get at big lot auctions.

SCAA is located on a charming 5-acre plot in central Florida, just a hour drive from Orlando. Since 1998 we have consistently exceeded expectations by offering customers the utmost quality care.

Over 250 vehicles are typically showcased weekly; 80% of which are new car trades. Quality care and high sales percentage rate are not the only merits that set this auction apart from the rest. They also offer a diverse variety of new and used retail trades, fleet trades, marine, motor home, trailers and motorcycle trades.

By showcasing the vehicles in an organized manner among the three feature lanes, Space Coast makes the buying process simple and satisfying. After purchasing a new trade, customerís can rely on hands on 24/7 service that is second to none. Integrity and the ability to provide effective sales events are the driving force behind Space Coastís success.